Productions from the future

“I fear that, in the inexplicable, we will also have to accept some painful loss,” continued the producer, with an authentically grieved expression. “There is no creation of a new masterpiece without a loss of something else: sometimes health, sometimes hindsight, sometimes the life of the artist.”

      Who wants to live forever (Queen) - Oblomov

Our productions

Yes, it’s our productions, not mine.
Together with my staff, we produce art of any kind, without worrying about anything else than creations.
We are not a common label or a simple publisher, because we don’t follow the old rules. We take no exclusive, we take no money from artists to promote their works. All art displayed on this site is availbale under the rules of its creators. If you decide to submit your art, please remember all we ask , as in every good family, is to help us by sharing our contents. Some they call it networking, we call it cooperation among artists.

These studios are already a bit on the edge of nothing, every night there is some illegal performance or event, and it is not uncommon for someone to be torn to pieces or otherwise disappear completely, even without creating masterpieces.

You can submit your art with an email to

Who we are

We are writers, we are painters, we are musicians, we are actors, we are poets, we are performers, we are photographers, we are videomakers, we are dancers, we are sculptors, we are designers.


Who is Brain One

“In the last 30 years, my life has been all about producing music. I bet you have listened at least once to one of my productions. But it’s now time to show that it’s not the name of people that matters, but their products. Breaking all the rules, I won’t use the power of my reputation anymore. Let’s concentrate on making art.”

There are things called mysteries. There are things that are forbidden to talk about. There are things that people don’t remember. The artist’s job is always to investigate the mystery.