David Aronson

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light,
but by making the darkness conscious.
The latter procedure, however, is disagreeable, and therefore, not popular."
Carl Jung


Ascetic hedonist, lowbrow intellectual and saturnine victim of Peter Pan syndrome, David Aronson observes the nightmare of history from his oneiric bathysphere and brews up potent, chthonic images in his alembics and retorts. Once thought to have been born fully grown from his father’s left temple, It is now known that he spent his early years in a traveling minstrel show and petting zoo. His mother was a tap dancer and professional mourner, and his father a black-face clown and noted kabbalist. As a child, Popeye cartoons revealed to David the secrets of the Tao. David is a militant agnostic, a disgruntled, cynical tree-hugger, and an unrepentant, closet subversive, forever peeing in the cultural soup.