Mario Gazzola

Born in the Po everglades while Animals were singing The House of the Rising Sun, like every writer Mario Gazzola has accumulated a colorful path of uneven studies and jobs, from theater to computer company and P.R.
He’s been a rock journalist, made radio programs, photographic exhibitions of live musicians, a short film, up to pouring his phantamusical vein in the novel “Rave di Morte“, in the essay “FantaRock“, in the anthology “Soniche Oblique Strategie“.
He has a second unreleased novel, an unsettling Mr. Hyde and his first gestating comic.
Together with Roberta Guardascione he gave life to an illustrated version of his  short story “Situation Tragedy”.

Situation Tragedy – written by M. Gazzola, illustrations by R. Guardascione

While you read, the ideal soundtrack would be this “Blade Runner End Titles” version by Suite Noire, originally written and performed by Vangelis.

      Suite Noire - Blade Runner End Titles