Mark Assente

Mark Assente was born in the year of Ziggy Stardust in Istanbul, son of a mixed couple that well reflected “the crossroads of nations and men”.
He has not studied in various parts of the world, he has worked in theaters, advertising agencies whose names he has also kept secret to his parents, faithful to the motto “Don’t tell my mom I’m an advertiser“.
Among the various proverbial and improbable professions that characterize the biography of every self-respecting writer, there is also an unsuccessful attempt to assert himself as a punk singer in a David Bowie tribute band. Settled in Italy in an unspecified marshy area , Mark published short stories on different anthologies, in Italian and English. While waiting for the publication of his first novel, he chose to debut on the Brain One Productions platform with the unpublished short story “La Valigia dei ’70“.
Yes, it’s in Italian.