Mickey E.Vil

Mickey E.Vil started composing and recording music way back in 1997 with his Medieval Ambient solo project named Machina Coeli, recently endorsed by this genre’s pioneer, Mortiis from Norway. 2001 saw the inception of his main musical project, The Mugshots, the one and only european band ever produced by Dick Wagner who has been Alice Cooper and Lou Reed’s right hand way in the Seventies. Oscar & Grammy nominated musician Matt Malley, Counting Crows’ founding member and former bass player, said about The Mugshots: “[…] one of the world’s greatest bands. A shot in the arm of sheer brute force – like New York circa 1977”. Since 2007 Mickey E.Vil composes original soundtracks for the movies by canadian director and producer Vince D’Amato. The soundtrack for Glass has been awarded as “Best Music” at the Anti-Hero Genre Film Feast (LA, California) and nominated for the same category at the New York Macabre Faire Film Fest.

Mickey E.Vil – Glass OST

      1-Glass Theme
      2-Glass Action Theme
      3-Glass Action Theme - Section A - Dreamy
      4-Glass Action Theme - Section B - Dark
      5-Glass Action Theme - Variation One
      6-Glass Love Theme
      7-Glass Death Theme
      8-Glass Hallucination Theme