Monica Argentino

“An art of values, symbolic and social, that of Monica Argentino, close alongside re-proposed themes with a constant conviction.
Fable, feelings, myth but at the same time reality, pain and violence.
And the colors are the ferrymen of this enchanting poetry, in which overturns, sinks and flights are revealed to define timeless dimensions and create routes, investigated with a metaphorical angle.
Social aspects, genre painting, identity research have priority over Monica’s lyricism.”
(Fabrizia Olimpia Ranelletti -Storica e Critica d’Arte)

Body painting performance in interaction with video projections and sonorization.

A project of contamination among various artistic languages ​​to trigger an accurate reflection made of shapes, images and tangible bodies in order to highlight the knots that we must untie and trace back to senses that we must learn to enrich.

A journey into human existence, from the origin of the universe to the origin of man, caressing the distortions of feelings and the charm of his creation.