Roberta Guardascione

Roberta Guardascione, born in Borgo S. Lorenzo (FI) in 1977, is an illustrator and cartoonist.
She is one of the founders of the Electric Sheep Comics cultural association, and is registered with World Sf Italia.
An avid reader, as a young girl she has always preferred Lovecraft to Walt Disney. Always very versatile, he moves easily between different genres, from science fiction to horror, passing from children’s literature to pulp.

Together with Mario Gazzola she gave life to an illustrated version of the short story “Situation Tragedy”.

Situation Tragedy – written by M. Gazzola, illustrations by R. Guardascione

While you read, the ideal soundtrack would be this “Blade Runner End Titles” version by Suite Noire, originally written and performed by Vangelis.

      Suite Noire - Blade Runner End Titles