Welcome to the “Era of possible”


Great music producer returns on the scene under a pseudonym and launches an online collaboration project for independent artists to promote new talents in any expressive language
under the motto “welcome to a new era of possible”

B-1 HQ – 27/01/2020

“You all know who I am, but it shouldn’t matter. In this era made of real or alleged celebrities, it is the work that must count again. Enough of the cover faces, we believe in the return of an era of possible”.

With these words, the music producer who has chosen to protect his privacy behind the pseudonym of Brain One has abandoned the retreat that for years had seen him isolated from the world of music.

In open controversy with the current musical and artistic system in general, Brain One renounces to popularity to focus solely on art. “In an age sick of protagonism, I don’t want our projects to be appreciated only thanks to the name I bear,” he said. “This is why I chose to hide it under a totally unknown pseudonym: if we will be successful, it will be for the quality of the art that we propose, not for the name I carry”.

For these reasons, of course, Brain One for the moment will NOT release interviews nor will its image appear in the media in any way.

The first projects in the pipeline are the remaster of Sound Of The Soul, the first album dated 2015 of the controversial duo Oblomov, and the publication of the first short story by Mark Assente, stateless narrator at his debut in Italian, with a drawing by Tonia Gentile on the cover, another artist for which Brain One promises surprises. In fact, the “brain factory” already has in gestation figurative works, video art and illustrated narrative.

Brain One Productions is outlined as an atypical platform that will host any art form without preclusions: not exactly a publishing house, nor a classic record company, not exactly a management agency or an art gallery, but in a certain sense all these things together and beyond.

Brain One Productions opens its doors to any known and unknown art form, with a few simple rules: once again against the trend with respect to the galleries that rent their spaces, publishers who publish paid by the authors or labels that live behind the musicians, Brain One won’t ask any fee or money. The artists remain the only owners of the respective works and can make them available to the public free of charge or on sale through the website www.brainone.org, at their own free choice.

In return, Brain One asks all authors only to act and interact with each other by collaborating as members of the factory, actors of a real community according to the ethical rules that can be consulted on the website. “In an age where sociality is only apparent, we want to demonstrate that authentic cooperation is still possible, based on the desire to collaborate and make things happen, letting art speak on behalf of the artists”, says Brain One.

This is the deep meaning of the concept of the Era of Possible.

For info or to submit works to the artistic committee, the contact info@brainone.org.

Brain One is represented internationally by the equally new Liquid Sky Agency, and in Italy will rely operationally on Oneiric Productions, which has made its own recording studios based in Bologna available to the producer, and who will also take care of the social presence of Brain One, which does not use Facebook or other networks.

“It’s only the beginning. Expect many surprises. Welcome to the Age of Possible “.